Nadezhda Mikhalkova first showed her children

Actress Nadezhda Mikhalkova, for the first time, presented her children to the public, who are very much protected from the attention of outsiders. However, this time the daughter of the legendary director showed the children rather indirectly. But still decided to share the details of the life of her children. It turned out that the daughter of the actress, Nina, helps the mother very much, while she has time to do many things: roll the stroller with the child and carry the sled.

Nikolay Baskov together with his lover spent several days in Venice

Nikolai Baskov decided to spend a few days in Venice. As it turned out, he flew tighter to his friend, Atanasia, who was waiting for Nikolai, with whom the singer has been romantically linked for quite a long time. In his miklobloge Basque posted a photo where he and his girlfriend are dressed very pretentiously. It seems that they were not going to rest, but to attend some carnival (true, the Venetian ended in early March).

Top 7 Strange Funeral Rituals

This article describes the seven most unusual funeral rituals in the world. 1. Fun at the funeral. Residents of Donghai Province, who are in China, decided to turn a boring funeral ritual into a bright and cheerful holiday. The status of the deceased in this province is determined by the number of people who came to his funeral.

What is a "spicy" diet?

If you want to get in shape in just a week, it’s enough to stick to a spicy diet. She is advised by American doctors as the most effective and effective diet that does not harm health. How does a sharp diet? This diet came to us from Taiwan. It was there that the secret of red pepper was solved, which, as it turned out, prevents the accumulation of fat in the body.

What does the operation dream about: on the stomach and other places? Basic Interpretations: What is the dream of the operation of others or at home

Dreams often come to us suddenly and bring with them a variety of events from the past and predictions for the future. But how to interpret what dreams want to tell us? For example, why is the operation dreaming? It’s worth sorting out. Why surgery is a dream - the basic interpretation Many people do not like going to doctors and are afraid of any medical manipulations, not to mention how much surgery causes people to panic and nervous exhaustion.

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Vitamin E: what foods contain, what is useful. How does vitamin E deficiency manifest itself, how to compensate for the deficiency

Vitamin E is spoken of as a substance that helps maintain beauty and youth. The secret is in its antioxidant properties. It’s very useful to eat natural writing that contains vitamin E. What products this miracle substance contains and how much our body needs, let's understand. Useful properties of vitamin E In fact, vitamin E is a whole group of substances called scientific tocopherols.

The best pork barbecue marinade - what is it? The best marinade recipes for pork barbecue on kefir, mineral water, pomegranate juice

Finally, warm days came and you can go out with your whole family or with friends to nature. Well, and where without the aromatic barbecue cooked on charcoal. The taste of barbecue largely depends on the correctly prepared marinade. It is he who will make your kebab truly juicy and tasty. Therefore, it is so important to be able to cook marinade for barbecue.

Top 5 best yielding varieties of the most sweet and large-fruited raspberries with characteristics and description. What raspberries to plant in the suburbs, in the Urals or in Siberia

Getting a good raspberry crop is not always as easy as it seems. The shrub needs special care, and the growing region plays an important role. Today there are many varieties of raspberries on the market, so it is difficult for a beginner gardener to make the right choice. We offer a selection of popular varieties with good yield and taste.

Diet on fruits: an approximate menu of the method of weight loss for 3 days, for 7 days. What is the fruit diet useful for, to whom it is contraindicated

A fruit diet is an effective, useful way to lose a few extra pounds in a short period of time. By strictly following the rules of the chosen technique, you can tone yourself, strengthen the immune system, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Fruits saturate the body with energy, so during the diet period you will not feel weakness, malaise.

Cat fleas - how to remove them quickly and safely? The best folk remedies for fleas in a cat

Inexperienced owners of baleen pets are horrified to learn that their pet has got fleas. It’s not worth making a tragedy out of it. There are enough funds in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores to combat parasites, but not everyone can afford an expensive spray, and a pet pharmacy is sometimes very far away. And here folk methods come to the rescue, the effectiveness of which has already been tested by more than one generation of cat lovers.